Welcome to IMIS 2015

 On behalf of Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), this is my utmost pleasure to introduce you, Iran Mines and Mining Industries Summit (IMIS 2015) which  would take place on May 31 & June 1 2015, in Tehran.

 IMIS 2015 will be considered as a prominent event, ever held near two decades of IMIDRO's establishment.

 Iran is blessed with abundant mineral and energy recourses, a young, educated and experienced workforce, a relatively untouched market of 75 million population, access to international water ways, low cost labors, a developed infrastructure of roads, railways, ports, power supply and telecommunication network, together with  foreign  investment  friendly laws and regulations; all of which make Iran a particularly attractive country for international investors.

 Referring to Iran's mines and mining Industrial potentials, Iran possesses 68 different kinds of minerals. Its proven Iron Ore reserves reach to amount of 2.7 billion tons (0.8% total global reserves) and proven Copper Ore reserves reach to amount of 2.6 billion tons which account of 4% of global reserves. Iran also possesses 11 million tons of Zinc (4% of global reserves). The total proven reserves estimated to 6 billion tones, which together with unexplored 300 000 sq.km2 lands, may reach to more than 10 billion tons. The mines and mining industry have a 25% market share in the Tehran Stock Exchange with a total value of approximately US$30 billion.

 IMIDRO as Iran's largest holding in mines and mining industries has always played an important crucial role in Iran's economy, and in coordination with Iran's new Government attitudes has always been creating a friendly and win - win new atmosphere for all countries and companies to cooperate and invest in Iran's mines and mining industries.

 IMIS 2015 as Iran's first Mines and Mining Industries Summit at International level, with support of Government, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, IMIDRO, officials, experts and companies, welcome all national and international investors, mining companies, mining machinery companies, consulting companies, technical and engineering companies, contractors, banks and financial institutions to take a part actively at this event to discover the latest investment opportunities in Iran's mines and mining industries on one hand and to present  the latest relevant  technologies, management skills and know how on the other hand.

Mehdi Karbasian

Summit Chairman &

Deputy Minister & President of IMIDRO

(Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation Organization, I.R. Iran)

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