How the Chinese are driving US oil and gas exploration, production and exports

China has become the world’s leading oil and natural gas exporter.

The United States has struggled with energy shortages, but the Chinese government has been making an effort to boost the economy by increasing investment in energy-intensive industries.

Here are the top 10 things you need to know about the oil and energy sector in China.


China has a huge oil and mineral reserve that is now in production.

The country has the world, the fourth-largest oil and second-largest natural gas reserves, according to the US Geological Survey.

There are more than 3 trillion barrels of oil in the ground.

China’s reserves are more oil than the U.S. has oil.


China is also the world leader in the production of lithium.

China produces more lithium than the United States and the world has more lithium reserves than China.

The lithium is used in batteries and electric vehicles.


The Chinese government is buying and selling US oil, gas and minerals.

The government has purchased more than $1.3 trillion worth of oil and $1 trillion worth, according the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

The latest deals include a $2.5 billion purchase of the United Arab Emirates’ offshore natural gas production from ExxonMobil and a $500 million deal for Canadian tar sands.


China and the United Kingdom have agreed to work together on the Sino-British Joint Venture.

This joint venture will create a joint venture in the oil, minerals and gas sector, which is set to be the largest in the world.


The US and the UK have also signed a deal for $5 billion in oil and minerals and $400 million in mining assets for China.


The oil and coal industry in China has been booming.

China exports more than 90 percent of its oil and about $20 trillion worth is in the global energy market.

China now has nearly a quarter of the world production.


The new Chinese president Xi Jinping has made several key promises to China’s energy industry, including investing $3 trillion in the country’s energy sector and boosting the nation’s capacity to diversify its energy sources.


The Obama administration has made it a priority to open up the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

The bank has pledged to provide loans and loan guarantees to Chinese infrastructure firms, as well as to create a special fund to invest in energy projects in Asia.


The White House is working to promote China’s bid to become the top economic partner in the Asia-Pacific region.

China would join the Pacific Rim nations in the region.


China plans to build a $4.5 trillion liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant and an export terminal in Australia and New Zealand.

China currently exports about $2 trillion worth and is seeking to export at least $3.6 trillion more.


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