Recode: The mining industry is worried about what it’s seeing on the tech side of things

The mining sector is worried that the Trump administration is trying to push mining through Congress without proper vetting, according to a recent report from Recode.

The report said that “the administration has been reluctant to let mining companies test their technology in Congress” and has been slow to approve the National Mining Association’s mining funding, which it said was “overpriced.”

The industry, which has seen a sharp rise in demand from tech companies and the mining industry, has called for more regulation and transparency in how mining companies are using the federal government’s billions of dollars to make their technology more affordable.

It’s unclear whether Trump will try to push through legislation that would expand the use of new mining technology or make it easier to mine and sell it domestically.

But the industry’s concerns are not new, and they were raised last year when Congress approved the first version of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which aims to provide more tax breaks to the mining sector.

“The Trump administration’s priorities have been to give tax breaks and tax breaks for coal companies, oil companies, and gas companies, all at the expense of mining companies,” said Andrew Steiner, a senior vice president at the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative news organization.

“They’re trying to give incentives for mining companies to stay in the United States, and that’s a problem.”

Recode obtained the report, which came out this month, from a person familiar with the matter.

The person requested anonymity because the report was private and the person did not want to discuss the details.

According to the report by Recode, the administration is seeking to create a special rule that would allow mining companies and other technology companies to continue using the mining tax incentives, known as a “green lease,” that have been used for decades to support mining jobs.

The tax incentives are meant to spur economic growth, increase employment, and create jobs in rural areas and the states that support them.

But according to the person familiar, the mining business is worried this new rule could make it harder for them to compete in a competitive environment.

“It’s not just that the mining companies would be out of the green lease, but that they would be forced to compete against other companies in a more competitive environment,” the person said.

“We’ve been told that the administration has given a lot of lip service to the importance of innovation, but there’s been no real investment in the kind of innovation that is needed to keep up with these new competitors.”

Recoding reported in June that the government has been funding more than $60 million in mining tax credits in the past five years.

But the administration said that was only the tip of the iceberg, with the government spending nearly $20 billion in green lease subsidies during that same time period.

The mining industry has said that the money should be used for projects that boost the nation’s economy, not for subsidies to big mining companies.


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