How to mine Malawi’s Gold Fields

Mining has been booming in the country’s Malawi Gold Fields.

The mining industry has now added a new gold mining company to its list of shareholders, and it’s the first mining company in Malawi to receive the support of a mining consortium.

The new company, Platinum Gold Group (PGG), was formed by the Malawi Mining Industry Board (MMI), which is comprised of representatives from the industry, government, private investors and the government itself.

The MMI, in partnership with Platinum Gold, has formed a mining cooperative in the state of Mpumalanga.

The MMI is the governing body for the countrys mining industry.

In recent years, mining in Malawias Gold Fields has increased due to a combination of a lack of legal mining permits and increased demand.

The boom in gold mining has also spurred the government to launch new programs to encourage the growth of the industry.

The Malawi mining boom has also been aided by the country s increased demand for the mineral, which has contributed to the country being ranked among the worlds top two gold producing countries by the World Bank.

The country has also experienced a drop in the price of gold as a result of the boom.

The government is hoping to capitalize on this demand and bring in more miners in order to boost the mining industry in the area.

The mining cooperative has received support from the MMI in order for it to have access to the mineral and also to obtain a license to mine it.

The cooperative will now be responsible for the management of the mines.

The company, which is owned by the MMM, is now in the process of obtaining a license for the mining of the mine.

Platinum Gold has already mined in the Gold Fields several times before and has a proven track record in the region.

The company is hoping that this mining project will help boost the Malawian mining industry by providing more miners with the tools and training needed to operate and grow their mines.

According to the MMII, Platinum is already in the mining business and plans to expand to the Goldfields once the mining licenses are issued.

The expansion of the mining cooperative to the neighboring mining areas will also allow the MMMM to expand the company’s footprint in the province, according to the company.


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