Which mining industry will be the biggest hit by Brexit?

In 2018, the UK’s mining industry was hit by the Brexit vote.

This year, the miners industry could face a second major downturn.

A new report from the UK Mining Association (UKMA) has warned that “mining will suffer the most if Brexit is repealed.”

UKMA says that if Brexit was to be lifted, “a significant proportion of UK mining and mining related activities will be closed down or phased out.”

This is because, in order to continue operating in the UK, businesses need to make the UK more competitive and attractive for foreign investment.

The UKMA also says that the mining industry is likely to suffer the largest reduction in revenue and employment during Brexit.

UKMA is currently calling on the government to take a “radical” approach to the Brexit process, calling for the government “to immediately suspend any legislation that may lead to a loss of UK manufacturing jobs and investment.”

The UK Association of Small and Medium-sized Businesses (UKASMB) also said that the Brexit result would have a “significant impact on the UK economy,” which is why they’re calling for a “full review of the country’s industrial relations policy” to ensure “the UK remains competitive in the global economy.”

“We are already seeing an increase in the number of small and medium-sized businesses that are considering leaving the UK because of the Brexit situation, and the impact of this on our local businesses is only going to get worse,” said David Taylor, UKASMB’s executive director.

UKASmb says that UK mining businesses have been hit hardest by Brexit.

They say that the industry has suffered a “massive hit” and “it’s a huge amount of money.”

UKAS MB also believes that the government needs to review the industrial relations framework and make changes to it.

“We need a real look at how the system works, and we need to do a thorough review of what our industrial relations policies are,” Taylor said.

UKMASMB’s director, Mark Taylor, said that “this is a major issue for the UK.”

“This is a massive issue for our industry, particularly for small and small businesses,” he said.

“I think there are a lot of businesses that have been left out of the UK market because of Brexit.”


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