When Mexico’s mining industry comes to the United States

A new mining industry competition is set to kick off in Florida this weekend, and it could have major ramifications for the state’s economy.

According to an article published by the U.S. News & World Report, a new state-based competition will be created to create a mining industry simulator, in which local companies can compete for contracts to mine in Florida.

The new simulator will be hosted at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, a division of the state that serves as the agency overseeing the state-wide coal mining industry.

The competition, which will last for the next two years, will run from April 8 through May 12, the day of the official opening of the U-M Mine and Mineral Center, the new facility that will house the mine’s new operation.

The new state competition is aimed at creating jobs in the mining industry in the Sunshine State.

It will allow companies that have completed a feasibility study for a mining facility to bid for the contract.

In return, companies will receive training, training on mining, and an incentive to apply for state permits.

The project will also allow local companies to participate in the state program, and the state will provide up to $50,000 in incentives.

The program is a part of the federal program to develop new economic development programs, and is part of President Donald Trump’s plan to spur economic development in the United State.

The program has previously been criticized by state leaders who argue that it would be unfair to reward companies that are already established in the U to move to the Sunshine state.

A spokesperson for the Department of Commerce’s Florida office told the newspaper that the Florida program is part to the federal Mine and Minerals Real Estate Development program.

“Florida will continue to work with state and local governments to foster the development of a robust, innovative mining industry that can benefit the state and its residents,” the spokesperson said.


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