Oil company calls for ban on import of liquefied petroleum gas

Oil company PetroChina has called for a ban on imports of liquified petroleum product (LPG) from Jamaica, after a report suggested a potential health risk from the substance.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Jamaica, which has a population of around 2 million, issued a statement on Tuesday saying that the Ministry of Public Health is in contact with PetroChina to determine the health risks of LPG.

According to the statement, the government of Jamaica has established an investigation team to identify possible health risks associated with LPG, which is commonly used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The statement added that PetroChina will continue to investigate the health concerns, as required by the law, and the company has agreed to the government’s request to suspend all shipments of LPS from Jamaica until the investigation is completed.

The Jamaica’s National Health Council said the government had been advised by the Ministry to suspend shipments of liquified petroleum product from Jamaica in light of the Ministry’s recommendation.

PetroChina said it was not aware of any health risks in Jamaica, adding that its safety measures were adequate.

“Petro China complies with all regulatory requirements to protect the health of its workers, the environment and the environment’s health.

Our products are designed to be used for industrial purposes,” the statement said.

Petropostol is used to make plastics and other plastics.

PetroChina’s main business is in the global liquefaction of oil, gas and coal.


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