Why the world is finally waking up to Bolivia’s mining industry

In an industry that has long been overlooked, Bolivia’s oil and gas industry is beginning to get a lot of attention from a lot more people.

Last year, an article about the industry went viral on the internet.

But as much as it’s been hailed as a breakthrough industry for the Bolivian people, its impact is far more tangible and immediate.

According to a report from The Economist, Bolivia has a $5 billion economy and the largest foreign direct investment in the country, with more than a million jobs.

In fact, the country has become so important to the global economy that a Chinese company is investing $2 billion in Bolivia in 2018 alone.

And it’s not just companies that are investing.

The country’s largest mining company, Bolivite Resources, has recently been named one of the world’s top five most valuable companies by Forbes magazine.

In 2018 alone, the company reportedly spent $30 billion on its operations.

The company’s president, Jorge Arruda, told the publication that the country’s extraction of gold and diamonds in the Andes has been crucial to the economy.

The Bolivians are also looking to diversify their foreign investments as they are looking to export more to Asia.

“They want to diversification, not just to stay in the oil and mining industry but to diversifying into renewable energy, renewable energy to meet our needs, diversification in the renewable energy sector,” Arrada said.

“We’re looking for the most efficient way to diversified and sustainable investments,” he added.

But despite the booming economy and a growing number of foreign companies, the mining industry is not without its challenges.

In some cases, the workers are forced to rely on illegal logging, which is illegal in Bolivia.

The mining industry also has its own issues with workers’ rights.

A report from the United Nations found that the majority of Bolivia’s mines, while being built, have a “negative impact” on the environment.

The government also has a lot to do with the success of the industry, and that’s because the government has the power to stop it.

“The government is very, very good at controlling the industry,” Bolivar said.

“It has the money, the military and the will to protect the companies, to keep the industry alive and growing.

They have the ability to do that.”

The Bolivarians also have a vested interest in the industry.

The oil and natural gas sector has a large amount of investment coming from abroad, with many of those investments coming from Western countries.

The governments own share of the sector is at a record high, with the oil minister and the mining minister both receiving $5 million from the US and China respectively.

But the Bolívians are not without their own obstacles.

The majority of the Bolivan population is illiterate, and most Bolivarian children do not go to school.

This means that Bolivas mining sector often comes under scrutiny when it comes to mining legislation.

“For the government, mining is not an industry, it’s an occupation,” Bolivia said.

This year, Bolivia was one of only five countries in the world to ban mining altogether.

But the government is slowly working to ease some of the mining restrictions in order to make the mining sector more competitive.

For instance, the government recently issued an amnesty program for those who work for foreign mining companies, allowing them to leave the country without fear of deportation.

While the industry has its issues, Bolivia is not alone in its struggle to diversiate from a heavily dependent economy.

In addition to the Bolian economy, there are a number of other countries in Latin America that are diversifying their foreign investment, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Brazil.

But Bolivia is one of just three Latin American countries that is diversifying its economy at a rate that is equal to or more than other countries.

“There are a lot reasons why Bolivia is doing so well, including the fact that it’s a very small country with a very large potential,” Bolívar said.


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