Why Google, Microsoft, Amazon are getting into mining industries

Companies that mine for minerals have long used data mining to target ads on the search giant’s ad-targeting algorithms.

Now, they’re using the same approach to target mining-industry insurance.

The companies have announced a partnership that aims to expand their business to insurance, mining, and mining-related services.

The alliance will focus on data mining, mining-mining-related financial services, and mineral mining and extraction related businesses, the companies announced on Wednesday.

Google said that its mining business will focus its efforts on mineral mining.

The company will use the data mining technology it acquired from Microsoft, along with other data-mining and mining companies, to target advertising on its Google AdWords campaigns, it said.

Microsoft, meanwhile, said that it is partnering with Google to help its mining industry, and that it will work with the mining industry to improve its mining-sourced insurance coverage.

Microsoft will partner with Google on data-based mining insurance.

Microsoft’s partnership with Google is a continuation of its partnership with Microsoft to develop the Microsoft Mining and Exploration Insurance, which it acquired in January.

Companies that mine are known for using data-driven tactics to target their ads.

For instance, they’ve known for years that advertising on search results that contain “mining” or “mining related” results would be more likely to be targeted to their own products.

Now, the mining industries are using data mining and mining related industries as a way to target ad-blocking.

In the mining-focused mining industry and insurance industry, Google and Microsoft have partnered to create a new type of insurance, the data-mined insurance, which Google says will offer better protection than the current data-solved insurance.

Google’s insurance is aimed at insurance companies that collect mining data and provide mining-based insurance to mining-company customers.

Microsoft is working on a similar insurance for mining-services-related businesses.

Microsoft and Google will provide a variety of data mining-specific products and services to help miners in their mining-and-mining related industries.

“This partnership will help support our partners in their data-science and mining industries to further strengthen their protection for their businesses,” said Marc Benioff, Microsoft’s chief executive, in a statement.

 “We’re excited to be part of this industry’s growing ecosystem of data-enabled services and services that can provide us with real-time data about our clients’ mining activity,” he said.


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