‘Gold mining industry is a disaster for Australia’: Australian National University

The world’s largest gold miner has revealed the world’s biggest mining industry as a disaster, calling for a crackdown on mining practices.

The Australian National Universities mining research and development hub, which is run by the university’s mining and mining related research group, said the industry was “a disaster for Australian society and the planet”.

“The mining industry needs to be shut down,” said the report, entitled ‘Greens: Mining is not a sustainable solution to climate change’, which was released on Tuesday.

“In a world where the mining industry contributes billions of dollars to the global economy, it’s clear that we need to do everything we can to end this devastating cycle of pollution, pollution, mining and pollution.”

The report said the “most immediate threat” was the impact on Australia’s biodiversity, which it said was at risk of being wiped out by mining.

“There is a strong correlation between pollution and biodiversity,” the report said.

The government should implement a global carbon price and regulate the use of coal, it said.”

The world’s most polluting mining sector contributes to a massive pollution crisis, and while mining is not the only source of greenhouse gases, it is a significant source.”

The government should implement a global carbon price and regulate the use of coal, it said.

The report also highlighted how the coal industry “has no effective way of monitoring the health of its workers or their communities”.

It said the mining sector was “part of a long-term, global process of destroying the world”.

“It is a process that has been going on for a very long time and is continuing to this day,” the research report said, adding that mining “is now being blamed for the death of millions of people”.’

A world-wide tragedy’The report found the “world’s most important minerals” were “largely mined in the developing world” and that there were no effective measures to limit the impact of mining.

It also said the Australian Government had not taken steps to ensure that mining was not “part and parcel” of national development, and that it “continues to ignore international obligations to protect and conserve biodiversity”.

“We believe Australia should adopt a carbon price, limit mining, and have a global climate change plan,” the researchers said.ABC Fact Check asked the Australian Department of Environment if it was aware of the research findings.

“We have no information to share,” a spokeswoman said.



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