How the world’s leading oil company is using drones to mine for oil and gas

The world’s largest oil company, BP, has been testing drones for oil drilling for more than a decade, and is now making them part of its operations.

The company announced in a press release today that it has tested its autonomous drill vehicles at the Bhopal oil field, where it has drilled wells since 2008.

BP’s autonomous drilling vehicles are currently testing on the ground in India, where the company recently completed its first deepwater exploration of the Kargil area.

The vehicles are equipped with sensors, cameras, GPS navigation, and cameras, according to BP.

The cameras will be used to provide an in-depth visual image of the drill site and allow operators to plan ahead to take control of the vehicle.

The remote-controlled vehicles are able to drill through solid rock, and they can also dive down to depths of up to 200 feet, according BP.

A remote-operated vehicle is a type of unmanned aerial vehicle that is powered by electricity or diesel and has a battery and onboard cameras to capture video of its surroundings.

They are usually used for oilfield work.

While oil drilling is a huge industry in India that accounts for $50 billion of GDP annually, drilling is an expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous process that requires highly trained operators.

BP is not the first oil company to invest in unmanned vehicles.

Google has used drones to explore the ocean floor for oil since 2013.

And earlier this year, the British firm Blackwater announced that it would deploy unmanned drones for work in Afghanistan and Iraq.

BP says its new technology will reduce costs, improve safety, and increase productivity, which is important given the fact that the world is running out of oil and is facing serious oil shortages.

“It will make our job easier and better,” said James A. Laidlaw, BP’s chief executive officer.

“We will be able to explore far more quickly and more efficiently and with greater precision.”

BP has invested more than $1 billion in unmanned drilling technology in the past two years, and the company has recently expanded its testing to other oilfields.

It plans to deploy its autonomous drilling vehicle at five new oil fields in India and two more in South Africa in the next two years.


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