When Israel’s gold reserves are dwindling: A history of the Niger Delta

When Israel started producing gold in the 1960s, Niger’s diamond mines were among the world’s largest.

Today, the Niger delta is the largest producer of diamonds in the world.

Niger is one of the world-famous producers of gold, but it’s also one of its poorest.

The Niger Delta has been hit hard by the economic downturn that began in 2008.

It’s also known for being the source of the black diamond, or tungsten, used in many of the latest luxury watches, including Apple Watch.

In recent years, the mining industry has struggled.

Since 2009, there has been a steep decline in production, as well as a shortage of new mines.

That has caused the Niger Valley to become a virtual gold mine, with mines and minesmen all around the region.

It also means that Niger is losing its role as the gold market of the future, which it once was.

Niger’s mining industry is a major driver of economic growth in Niger, but its decline in gold production has led to severe problems in the region’s economy.

“Today the Niger valley is in a position where there is no gold,” says Abubakar Ghaly, the president of Niger’s gold mining industry.

The world’s third-largest producer of gold is a country that relies on its diamond mines to create the majority of its export revenue.

But that business is now in trouble.

“Niger is facing a serious problem,” Ghaly told Al Jazeera.

“It’s a crisis that affects the whole world.”

Gold mines in the Niger valleys are one of two major gold producing regions in the Middle East.

The other is the Sahara Desert, a place that contains the world a vast amount of sand, and which also has been ravaged by drought and the effects of climate change.

As the world looks to the future of the oil and gas industries, the Middle Eastern region is at the forefront of the efforts to ensure that these resources are not lost to the world economy.

This has prompted the Arab states to work with the Niger basin to diversify their production and export their mineral wealth.

In the Niger regions, this has led Niger to become the gold producer of the region, with some of the biggest mining companies in the area.

But the Niger diamond mines are also suffering, as the Niger mines are closing.

“The mines are getting very old,” Ghazali said.

In 2011, Niger was ranked third in the World Economic Forum’s ranking of the 50 largest economies in the second quarter of the year, but according to Ghaly’s estimate, it is currently ranked 27th. “

And it’s going to take a long time to diversifying our mines.”

In 2011, Niger was ranked third in the World Economic Forum’s ranking of the 50 largest economies in the second quarter of the year, but according to Ghaly’s estimate, it is currently ranked 27th.

It is not only the mining of gold that is struggling, but also the rest of the economy.

There are some mines that have been completely closed, while others have only recently started producing.

And as the mines are in trouble, the government is struggling to deal with the growing debt burden.

In a country where more than $2 trillion has been borrowed, and where the country has been running a deficit for nearly a decade, there are some worrying signs.

As Al Jazeera’s Alida Nasr reported from Dakar, Senegal, on April 7, 2012, Niger, which has about 30 million people, has seen its annual economic output shrink by an average of 6.5% over the past year.

The number of Nigerians living below the poverty line has doubled over the same period.

“In terms of GDP, Niger has become the world in the last 20 years of decline, and the number of people living in poverty is rising,” Ghashani said.

According to the United Nations Development Programme, Niger had the worst economic situation in Africa in 2012, with an average per capita income of just $15,000.

The World Bank has also called the country “underdeveloped”.

But the country is also a key oil-producing region in the Arab world.

“There is a huge difference between the oil-rich Gulf states, where the economy is thriving, and Niger,” said Ghashami.

“Even though it is a very poor country, the oil producers of the Gulf countries see Niger as an important market, and that is why they invest in Niger.”

It’s a key part of the equation that makes up the region-wide growth of the UAE and the United Arab Emirates.

“This region is very important to the UAE,” said Abdul-Malik Mardini, a senior advisor to the Gulf region at the Dubai-based think tank.

As a matter of fact, if we invest more in the oil sector, we could bring economic growth and jobs to


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