When the US mines the coal that powers the world, we’re losing a ton of jobs

Mining is a huge industry, but it’s also one of the largest sources of environmental destruction in the world.

In recent years, mining companies have been accused of using dangerous and toxic chemicals, and they’re accused of deliberately driving up coal prices, which have been falling for decades.

Now, a new report suggests that coal mining isn’t doing all it can to save the planet, either.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) estimates that about 3.5 million jobs could be lost due to coal mining, with the vast majority of them in the coal industry.

In the past few years, the US has gone from having one of coal’s most profitable industries to having a coal industry that’s losing hundreds of thousands of jobs.

It’s a big change for America, which is now the world’s largest importer of coal.

US mining companies are already taking steps to reduce emissions, including reducing the amount of coal they burn.

But it’s not enough to help the US avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

US coal companies are still polluting the air and drinking water in Appalachia, which accounts for the majority of the US coal mined.

But there’s one major problem: there are far too few places for coal to be burned.

In Appalachia alone, more than 80 percent of US coal is located in one of 10 regions.

Here’s a look at some of the ways coal mining is damaging the environment in the US.

Appalachia is a hotbed for coal mining The Appalachian region of the United States is a key part of the country’s coal production, and it’s the most productive region of any country.

US states that have historically been coal-producing countries have been particularly vulnerable to the industry’s impacts, like the Appalachian mountains and its mines.

Coal mines are often built to the highest elevation possible, which creates harsh terrain for miners to work in.

It can also be dangerous.

A 2010 study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that in some areas, miners were working in conditions that could cause them to get sick.

In some cases, miners have reported that their skin turned blue, and one worker even had a broken arm, the Washington Post reported.

These conditions have been found to contribute to lung cancer, respiratory infections, heart disease, and other health problems.

The EPA has estimated that coal mines in the region cause at least 8,000 deaths each year, which puts the total number of people dying from coal mining in the United State at nearly 1.7 million.

The region has also been the home of the nation’s largest mining operation, West Virginia’s Big Six Mine.

Big Six is the largest mine in the country, and in recent years has faced multiple environmental issues.

The mine has faced lawsuits for pollution, and the company recently lost an appeal over the state’s decision to shut it down in 2011.

The pollution from the mine’s smokestacks has been blamed for hundreds of premature deaths in the state, and West Virginia is one of just a handful of states that doesn’t have any legislation to limit emissions.

The Appalachian coal industry is one big reason why.

The Big Six mine was built in the 1950s, when the US was struggling to meet the nation.

Today, the mine employs more than 12,000 people, and there’s still a lot of coal left in the ground.

According to a report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the mine has released 3,500 tons of methane into the atmosphere every day since 2006.

This is the second-highest amount of methane in the nation, after California.

The EWG estimated that the Big Six could release a total of 840 tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year if it’s allowed to operate in the area.

That’s the equivalent of adding two extra cars to the road every single day.

And that’s only the beginning.

The company also releases pollutants into streams and rivers.

In 2013, the EPA said that West Virginia had the most polluted river in the entire country, after the coal-mining region of West Virginia.

The state has been battling air pollution problems for years, and coal mining can’t help but add to the problem.

A recent report by the EPA found that West Virginians have been exposed to more pollutants than any other state, despite the fact that the state is a major coal producer.

Coal mining is a problem in Appalachias biggest cities The region also has the largest number of coal mining jobs in the U.S., with a total population of over 8 million people.

But the region’s coal industry has a big impact on its cities.

Coal miners often work in low-income communities that lack adequate public services, and their proximity to the mines creates a poor working environment.

In places like Appalachia and Appalachia East, the lack of public services also creates a lot more conflict.

In these communities, there’s a higher risk of conflict between the coal


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