Former DARPA boss says drone industry is on the cusp

By RICK RICHARDSON | NBC NEWS | November 30, 2017 09:55:38When the US military began researching the use of drones in war, they were only considering an aerial surveillance of a few key locations, including cities and enemy positions.

But with the launch of the Pentagon’s first drone war, the idea has since grown exponentially and now encompasses many different types of warfare, from battlefield surveillance to remote-controlled surveillance.

The military has been experimenting with the drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan for years, and the drones have already begun to show up in domestic policing.

They have also been used in military exercises like Operation Mockingbird and in the war on terror.

But now DARPA, the Pentagon-funded agency that created the program, is set to take the drone program to the next level.

According to the US government, the drones are the “most sophisticated” surveillance system the military has ever deployed.

But while the drones’ abilities have expanded, the military is also finding that the technology has become less reliable.

According the Defense Department, drones only work for about 15 percent of the time, and they can only pick up on signals from specific locations and not the entire area.DARPA, which is led by former DARPA head Lt.

Gen. Michael A. Flynn, is developing a drone that can pick up and decode radio signals and make it more efficient.

“Drones can pick you up and get you where you want to go in the field, but they can’t go far,” Flynn said during a panel discussion on the Pentagon program this week.

“They can’t be the next generation of stealth fighters.”

The Pentagon has already deployed the first drones to Afghanistan, and it is set for more deployments in Pakistan.

The program is expected to cost $400 million, with the first aircraft slated to launch in 2021.

The technology is still in its early stages, but DARPA is optimistic that it will be ready for deployment in the next 10 years.

The agency is also building a network of sensors that will be used to monitor drones over cities.

The drones will be able to pick up information on the locations of the drones, and those locations will be broadcast to a global network that will relay that information back to the drones.


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