Canada’s ‘crisis of confidence’ over Afghanistan’s economy continues

Afghanistan is in a “crisis” of confidence, and a report released this week suggests Canada is failing to do enough to help the country avoid a collapse.

But a new survey by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a think tank that advocates for stronger Canadian engagement in Afghanistan, suggests the country may still have much to improve.

The centre found that only 20 per cent of Afghans polled think the country is on the right track to recovery.

Another 31 per cent believe the country has made significant progress, while 23 per cent say it’s heading in the wrong direction.

But the survey also shows many Afghans have a very negative view of Canada, with a majority of respondents saying the country’s foreign policy is a bad influence on the country.

“Canada is seen as an enemy,” said Rima Aslam, the center’s director of the Afghanistan chapter.

“There is no trust in Canada.

In Afghanistan, there are very few trust in our government.”

The survey was conducted by Ipsos-Reid on behalf of the Canadian Center for Policy Options, which is calling for a $40-million fund to be created to help rebuild Afghanistan’s infrastructure.

The $40 million will be dedicated to building roads, bridges, power stations and schools.

But even after the money is spent, only about 20 per and half of Afghans said they believe the government will succeed in its mission to rebuild Afghanistan.

That’s despite a new government led by the U.S. president who has promised to spend a lot more money than his predecessor on reconstruction.

“The perception is that Afghanistan is still a war zone,” said Aslam.

“We have people who are unemployed and who can’t find work.

They’re suffering from the poverty.

There’s no support.”

Afghanistan’s economic and social problems are a result of the country being run by the Taliban, an armed group who once controlled much of the northern part of the nation.

They were ousted in 2001 by the United States-led coalition that fought the war.

In 2017, the Taliban announced a peace deal with the Afghan government, but that deal has not yet been implemented.

The country remains largely controlled by the Afghan military, which controls about 90 per cent.

Many Afghans, especially in rural areas, say the country does not have a strong state.

Many refugees have sought shelter in neighbouring countries such as Turkey and Tajikistan.

Some have also moved to Canada, which has an average annual population of about 8.6 million.

In 2018, Canada welcomed nearly 2,000 Afghan refugees and offered to resettle them for the next two years.

“Afghanistan is an open country, but it is still not a safe country,” said Ata Aslam-Ozai, an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“It is an example of what can happen if the U


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