Laos mining: Mining company fined $4 million for violating ‘no mining zone’

LAS VEGAS — LAS Vegas – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has arrested a Nevada mining company for allegedly violating the Nevada Mining Zone Act.

In the indictment, police say Laval Mining Company violated the Mining Zone in Las Vegas on Oct. 1.

Officers with the Las Vegas Police Department’s Crime Unit were notified of the violation at 3:10 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 6, according to a news release.

The officers arrived on scene and located the company, located in a field in a residential neighborhood, and arrested the company’s officers, according the release.

According to the news release, the officers “learned that the company failed to obtain the proper permits from the Nevada Department of Environmental Quality and the Nevada State Bureau of Mines before they began mining the ground under the mining zone.”

Police arrested Laval’s former chief executive officer, Michael Coyle, as well as its president, Christopher D. D’Agostino, as part of the investigation.

According the release, Laval has been ordered to pay $4,737.35 in fines, costs and attorney fees, as determined by a court order issued on Thursday.

The company was ordered to cease and desist from operating under the Mining and Minerals Zone and pay a $4.8 million civil penalty and $2.4 million civil penalties to the Nevada Public Utilities Commission.

Laval’s current owner, J.L. Pinto, will be on paid administrative leave until the company completes its probationary period, the release stated.

Police have not identified the company and did not respond to questions about the investigation Thursday.


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