Afghanistan’s mining industry is facing the most dangerous conditions in a decade as the country struggles to recover from a devastating conflict

Mining industrial lubricants have become increasingly popular as a safe alternative to oil and gas extraction in Afghanistan, but there are still fears about the safety of the substances, experts said.

The country’s oil and natural gas industries have been devastated by the conflict in Afghanistan since 2001, when US forces killed over 1,000 Taliban fighters and their commanders.

The conflict has left the country in a state of permanent conflict, with over 6,000 people killed since the conflict began in 2001, according to the UN.

The war has also resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians, including many children.

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Murshedi, reporting from Kabul, said the country’s war is far from over.

“It’s been the longest war that Afghanistan has ever had and that’s why we’ve seen so many deaths,” he said.

“The oil industry in Afghanistan has not recovered and its not a great country and the gas industry has been destroyed.

There are still people who are working and are going to work in the fields. “

The whole country has been devastated, not just in Afghanistan but also in the rest of the country.”

There are still people who are working and are going to work in the fields.

“They are going back and forth across the border to get their livelihood back.”

Mohammed Mursheshedi reports.


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