The miners’ unions say they won’t join miners in striking

Mining unions have rejected a call from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to join the miners in a strike against the government over the mining industry’s role in the climate change crisis.

The Chamber sent a letter Monday to the AFL-CIO, which represents about 12 million U.W. workers, asking that the union’s leadership reject the call from AFL-CCIO President Richard Trumka to allow the workers to strike if the industry continues to worsen climate change.

The letter came on the same day that the chamber said it was pulling out of the American Coal Association’s annual meeting in Denver, Colorado.

Trumkas support for the industry and his comments have been widely criticized in the coal industry.

The industry has spent millions of dollars to defeat a measure to ban coal mining.

Trumkas office has said the industry is working on a plan to fight the climate crisis and to ensure that the coal miners are compensated for their work.

The U.N. Environment Program said in a report earlier this month that coal mining and mining operations in the United States caused the global warming in the past century, adding that it will likely be the worst in history.

The environmental group also said in the report that climate change will be a significant problem for the next 20 years.


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