Nebraska mining industry to begin taking bids for $100m mining project

Mining companies and miners in Nebraska are gearing up for a $100 million industrial mine to be constructed in the state.

The project, which will be built in a remote part of the state, will be used to extract and process ore.

The company behind the project, Eritrea Minerals, said in a press release that the mine is expected to be completed by 2022.

The company said the project will be operated by a partnership between Eritreas mining company and the mining company that has operated the project for the past 10 years, according to the press release.

The mine, which was built to extract copper, will employ 2,000 people, and be used for a variety of industrial applications, including metal smelting, metal processing and metal production, the company said.

The press release noted that the project is a “transformative” project for Eritres business, which includes a copper-mining business and a copper and nickel-mining operation.

“The Eritreta mine will allow Eritra to bring its business to the next level and become a world leader in the copper and metal mining industry,” Eritrans company said in the release.

“The Eriatra project will create jobs, generate revenues and bring Eritrenas company to the forefront of the copper mining industry.”

The company also noted that Eritrets project is one of the first in the country to include a commercial and industrial base.

Eritreteas is expected be the first mine in the world to incorporate both an industrial and a commercial base.

Eritrea Mining was the first to be awarded a permit to operate a commercial mining operation in Nebraska, according the company.

It was awarded a $5.5 million construction contract to build a 600,000-barrel, $10 million mine.

The mine is planned to begin production by 2021.


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