Botswana’s miners, who say they are being targeted by botnets, say they will not quit

Botswana is a country of nearly 1.3 billion people and the world’s second largest gold producer, but the government is trying to curb a rise in cyberattacks and other attempts to disrupt the mining industry.

The Botswana Mining Authority says that it has seen an increase in attacks in the past two years, with some of the attacks taking the form of phishing emails and phishing attacks using fake accounts.

Botswana also said that it had seen a rise of attacks targeting government officials.

“The government is doing its utmost to combat the problem of cyberattacks in Botswana,” Botswana Mines Minister Thabo Mbeki said.

“We will not stop until this problem is solved.”

Cyberattacks have become increasingly sophisticated over the past few years.

Botswanans were victims of a phishing email earlier this year, which included a link to an attack toolkit that allowed attackers to capture credentials and login information from an estimated 90 million accounts.

Botswana Mining Association President and CEO Jomo Tshamba said that the attacks had impacted his association.

“I was in the office and saw the attacks happening and was thinking that I will not go to work today,” Tshambo told The Associated Press.

“They are not just attacks on mine operators and employees.

We are affected by all kinds of attacks.”

The attacks are particularly troubling given that Botswana, a country known for its rich mineral deposits, has a long history of mining.

Botsyans first began mining gold in the 1800s, and the country has had a relatively stable gold industry for most of its history.

However, as mining and other industries have become more dependent on digital technology, Botswana has experienced a significant increase in cyber attacks, including spearphishing attacks that used phishing messages and fake accounts to lure victims into clicking malicious links.

Batswana is one of several countries to have taken steps to combat attacks.

Last year, the country banned the sale of digital currency, including bitcoin, and also banned the use of any of its mining equipment or facilities for online banking.

Last month, the government also announced a ban on using computers to conduct business online and required that all internet users use two-factor authentication.

While Botswana may be the first country in Africa to ban digital currencies, the new legislation also does not apply to bitcoin, which is legal in the country.

The new measures come amid a spate of attacks on companies and individuals across the world.

In July, hackers managed to take control of an email address for the United Nations Foundation, a U.N. agency in Geneva.

In March, hackers attacked an American firm that makes software for the U.S. military.

And in May, a group of hackers tried to breach the security of the United States government.

In Botswana and other countries, attacks have targeted government officials, private individuals, and businesses.

Botszans mining industry employs nearly 8,000 people, and many mining companies rely on government support.

Botswans mining companies are also the second-largest employer in the world, with about 1.2 million people employed in the mining sector.

In May, Botswanas Mining Minister said that Botswan’s mines are in the midst of a “national economic crisis” and are struggling to pay salaries.

Botswa’s Mining and Mining Development Authority estimates that it will need $4.5 billion to cover the salaries of its workers in the next five years.


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