When you think mining, you probably think about the environment

The mining industry is in the news for the wrong reasons.

But if you think about it carefully, it might not be all that surprising.

There are a lot of different things going on in the mining sector, from the big projects like coal seam gas and oil and gas exploration to smaller mines and minerals.

These are all things that affect the environment, but some are more impactful than others.

The biggest impacts are in mining where the environment is very important to the industry.

The mines that produce the coal and iron are the ones that we’re most concerned about.

The mining sector is also responsible for much of the pollution in our waterways and on the ground, so the industry is a major driver of global warming.

We’ve seen this before, with mining industries in Asia, Africa and South America.

In recent years, there have been many instances where the mining industry has been accused of causing the climate crisis, which is why they’re a key focus of environmental campaigns in Australia.

What’s really at play in the Australian mining sector?

Some of the mining industries biggest issues involve waste and pollution.

The most damaging aspect of the industry are the large amounts of waste that are produced and disposed of, and the way that waste is disposed of.

Many mining companies in Australia have built their waste into the ground to bury it.

This process involves injecting the waste into holes in the ground.

When this is done, the waste is mixed with soil to form a soil layer that can form soil, sand or even rocks that are very difficult to access.

In many cases, this soil layer is so thick that the water used for treatment is not available in many parts of the country.

Waste is also often disposed of in large amounts in the environment.

These types of waste are not always treated, so if you look at a piece of waste from a mining operation, it can be found in waterways and soils, which are important sources of drinking water.

The second most significant problem is mining waste.

In the mining and iron mining sectors, waste is generally disposed of by dumping it in the rivers, rivers, lakes or even on land where it can cause damage to ecosystems.

A recent study by the Australian Research Council found that in the past five years, 1.5 billion tonnes of waste have been dumped into the Australian environment.

A further 1.6 billion tonnes are being disposed of annually.

The third most problematic issue is the mining process itself.

The majority of the waste that comes out of a mine site is coal.

This is mainly coal dust and some coal seams that are not being processed.

The coal is often processed by heavy machinery and it often produces high levels of emissions.

The emissions from the mining processes are so large that it can significantly impact the environment and the health of people and animals in Australia’s national parks.

It also means that it is a significant source of emissions of CO2.

These three problems are the major ones that affect mining.

The main problem is that the waste comes out in the form of coal dust, which makes it very difficult for humans to absorb the waste.

As a result, the pollution and waste are also not being cleaned up properly, which means that they are often discharged into the environment in huge amounts.

Waste also has an impact on water quality, and there is a lack of awareness of how this pollution impacts wildlife.

The pollution also affects the water quality in rivers and lakes that feed into national parks, and can affect the fish populations that rely on the water.

When it comes to the mining in the mine site, the mining wastes are usually mixed with water and injected into the earth to form soil that can become rock.

This means that the soil layer can then form rocks that can be very difficult and expensive to access and treat.

The rocks can also become contaminated with other metals, such as lead, zinc and copper.

This can lead to the development of dangerous lead and cadmium levels in the water and soils that can lead the fish and other wildlife to die.

The fourth major problem that impacts the mining landscape is mining.

It’s not always obvious what is causing the mining pollution, and in some cases, it’s not clear what to do about it.

The problem of mining waste is not just a problem for mining companies, it also affects other industries, including the health care sector, which produces many medicines and medical supplies for the health sector.

The health sector is a critical part of the economy and the environment that needs to be protected.

It is the one industry that has the highest level of environmental protection and is therefore the main target of all environmental campaigns.

What are the environmental problems of mining?

Mining has a huge impact on the environment because it involves a huge amount of waste.

But it also contributes to the environment indirectly.

The waste generated by mining is usually treated with chemicals and minerals to make it more durable.

This waste can also cause the waste to be contaminated with heavy metals, which


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