How to help the ICECON miners in El Salvador

Mining in El Salvador is a dangerous business, but there is hope that some of the world’s largest corporations are willing to help those who are in need.

The ICECon Mining and Exploration Association (ICECON), which has taken on the role of ICECO’s mining task force, has set up a social welfare fund to help workers in the El Salvadoran mining industry.

ICECOMO, which is also the government agency for mining, was set up to combat illegal mining and extractive industries.

The association was set-up by the mining company, Gemstone Gold, to help people living in the mining sector.

The organisation has set aside about $50 million to help miners in the country.

But there are still some difficulties.

Many of the jobs are illegal.

Many people in El Salvador are working on the job without paying a salary.

The country has been struggling with a lack of jobs for years.

Most of the mining companies are located in the western region of Jalisco, which covers the central and northern regions of the country and is dominated by the Jalisco New Generation Mining Company.

Most mining jobs are seasonal and require people to work in their homes, in mines and on the land.

El Salvador is the world most expensive mining country, with annual revenues of $1.6 billion, according to the UN.

According to the United Nations, about $700 million is lost annually in El SALVADOR due to unpaid wages.

ICELAND Mining is one of the most prominent mining companies in El SEGUNDO, located in northern Honduras.

The company, owned by El Salvador’s powerful mining tycoon, Ricardo Flores, was once known as one of Central America’s largest mining companies.

But Flores, who now runs the company out of his home in the small town of Santa Fe, has been under the control of the United States since 2005.

Flores has made billions of dollars off the country’s resource-rich north.

He is the founder and chief executive officer of the Pacific Northwest Refining Corporation, which has been at the heart of the US-led oil and gas boom in Central America.

Flores was the first American to be given a permit to extract oil from the North Sea in 2012.

He has since turned his attention to a vast area of oil and natural gas in the northern part of El Salvador.

The region, known as the northern belt, is home to some of El Salveres largest oil reserves.

The Pacific Northwest is one the largest companies in the area, and it has a significant presence in the north.

But in the past few years, El Salvador has seen an influx of oil from Colombia and Venezuela.

In June, El Salvador’s governor of the north, Ricardo Garcia, signed a law that allowed Pacific Northwest to drill in the region.

The US, which controls about 60% of El Salvare, has since announced plans to develop an oil and energy project in the territory.

But the Pacific NW is already heavily invested in the oil and other natural gas fields in El San Salvador.

It owns stakes in several major companies.

The El Salvador government has also decided to shut down several major exploration sites, including the site of a proposed $5 billion oil field in the San José de San Juan region.

In October, El San Juan’s governor, Fernando Lopez, said the country was losing billions of pesos (US$1.2 billion) a day because of the decline in production of the North American shale boom.

The state of El SAGUNA has also announced plans for a large new oil field.

The government has already invested a lot of money in the projects, and has been trying to find new sources of revenue to finance the plan.

In the meantime, there are some who have found work in the industry.

According in the ICELADO’s latest report, nearly $1 billion is lost yearly due to the lack of work in El Saño, El Paralán and El Saíde.

These communities are in the Central Valley, which includes El Salvador and Honduras.

But as the population of El Sañón has declined over the years, so has the number of jobs that are available to them.

El Saña is a large, predominantly rural area in the southern part of the state of San Salvador, where the city of El Paralyena sits.

Many families are now living in remote locations, some of them in the countryside, some in the city itself.

The population has fallen by about 25% in the last three years.

Many have not been able to find jobs.

Some people have become self-sufficient, but it’s not easy.

Some have had to sell their houses to pay for the fuel to run their car.

Some live in their cars for days on end.

And even those who have jobs still have to feed their families.

In many cases, the jobs have disappeared entirely, leaving them with nothing


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