How to get rid of dust in your mining equipment

An expert says dust can be a major problem for mining equipment, especially if it is kept under the floor or flooring of an area where dust is common.

The problem is that dust can cause dust issues if it falls on your equipment and gets into your eyes, nose and mouth, said Bob Mathers, an environmental engineer with the Environmental Protection Agency.

The dust is then carried by the air currents and travels through your equipment to the surface, where it can cause problems.

There is a simple way to deal with dust, Mather said.

Use a mask that has a mesh on the bottom to filter it out.

“If you can see the dust on the outside, then you’re doing it right,” MatherS said.

“And you can use a mask in place of a mask if it’s too heavy or too thick.”

He recommends you always have a dust filter in place to protect your equipment.

Some of the products that are recommended include:Dust filters:If you use a dust mask, use a small piece of material, like a piece of duct tape, on the inside of your mask to absorb the dust.

Then, use your dust filter on the top of the mask, so you can get a good seal.

He recommended that you also use a special dust mask for a larger area.

Mathers also recommends using a dust-absorbing mask when you are using an electric drill or a drilling machine.

Dust-absorption masks:He also recommends dust-removing masks for dust-sensitive workers.

These are made from fabric, cotton or other materials that absorb dust and hold it in place.

You should wear a dust absorbing mask during the work day, but you can wear a mask to keep dust out of your eyes during the day, he said.

Mather also recommends the use of a dust removal mask during a power outage.

In a worst-case scenario, dust can travel through your electrical system and damage your equipment, he added.

Follow our advice to prevent dust from getting into your mining machines:Get an environmental assessment from your local mine inspectorThe EPA recommends that people who work in mines with high levels of dust should get an environmental analysis from their local mine officer.

If your mine is in a high-risk area or is a major mining site, your local officials may also need to do an environmental impact statement to make sure your mine meets federal safety standards.

EPA is also a partner in a program to improve the safety of mines.


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