The Global Mining Industry Has Been “Hacked” and “Trusted”, Says a Chinese Mining Firm

As a result of the hack of the Chinese mining giant, the mining industry in Mozambique has been targeted, according to a report published by a Chinese mining firm.

According to the report, which was released by the company, the attack occurred on November 23, 2017 and the attack was made on the Chinese company’s computers.

The report said that the hack was not only an attempt to compromise the Chinese companies computer systems, but also their trust and confidence in the Chinese security and stability of the company.

The researchers were able to gain access to the computers of the mining companies headquarters and the office of the director of the country’s central bank, according the report.

“This attack was carried out by a hacking group that has the ability to compromise Chinese companies, with the intention to steal money from the company and then to use it to enrich themselves,” the report said.

According the report from China’s Central Leading Group for National Defense Information Security, the group is known as the Xiong group.

It said that it has been monitoring the Chinese hacking group since at least November 2017, and it also had information about the group’s activities.

“The group is highly sophisticated, and in fact has been actively conducting attacks against Chinese companies since at the beginning of 2017,” the statement said.

In addition to stealing funds from the Chinese banks, the attackers also tried to hack into the mining company’s database and data systems.

It’s not clear if the group had previously attempted such attacks.

Chinese media outlets, including Xinhua, the state-run news agency, reported that the attack did not come from the countrys government or from the military.

In a separate report, Chinese media said that two security experts, Wang Jiajing and Zhou Zhiqiang, had already investigated the incident and determined that the Chinese government was behind it.


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